Revamp the Champs - 3rd attempt at posting cause first 2 times didn’t go through...

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Hey guys! Before getting to the main point of my post, I just wanted to say kabam, you guys did good with past weeks compensation...
Now getting to the main point... rather then letting old champs just sit there to rot and eventually become useless (i.e OG IM or OG Cap) kabam should revamp champs like this, because in the current meta, they honestly have no defined use (for endgame players). The list of champs which should be revamped is as follows:

Robots vs Omega Reds death field/spores:
First off, robots unlike “living” beings of the Contest robots don’t really have a “life force” so, death field/spores shouldn’t technically work against them. Technically robotic champs are sentient, not living

Loki is a frost giant, and this is demonstrated in his special 2, so shouldn’t he be made frostbite immune?

He’s literally made of ice! He should be frostbite immune

Half the sword wielding champs:
They don’t even inflict inflict bleed! Unless they’re wielding a super useless/dull sword, they should be able to inflict bleed

His body is literally built outta vibranium he should technically be immune to much more than just bleed and poison. Look at colossus for instance, he’s immune almost everything and he’s only made outta steel, where as ultron AoU is made outta what’s supposed to be the toughest material in marvel lore

Vision and vision(AOU)
He’s made outta synthetic fibers, so same case as ultron aou

Miles Morales:
Miles is best known(other than the fact that he’s a Spider-Man) for his camouflage/invisibility

So what do you guys think? Do you agree? Disagree? Why? And who else should be revamped?


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