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Colossus not within reach after parry to perform heavy attack

TheLegend27TheLegend27 Posts: 1,315 ★★★★★
Where it's happening:
Variant 2, chapter 1, A strange Secret. It's happening against that Black Widow (first fight of the section). This is the first place I've seen this, not sure if happening elsewhere in the game.

What's happening:
I will parry BW's attack (when the parry successfully stuns her) and it will sometimes push me so far back that I can't connect with her on the first part of the heavy attack. This allows her to come out of the stun and then punish me while my Colossus is in the middle of his heavy attack. She doesn't always push me too far back but I've been able to repeat it numerous times, even in the same fight.

Far as I know, there isn't any mechanic that would explain this.


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