5x5 Alliance Quest and Gold 2 Alliance. We are on our way back to Gold 1 but we had to run some 2 bg wars last season.

We are searching for members who are near 7k prestige to join our group of alliances. We are able to take a full bg or we can take small groups and individuals.

All recruits must be active daily and communicate well. You will be expected to update your progress in AQ and AW with your bg. We run AW as often as allowed. US and European Timezones are preferred.

We require all recruits to participate in Alliance Quest, Alliance Wars, and Alliance Events. Working to better the alliance should be your main objective. If for some reason something comes up and you cannot participate, you must contact an officer and keep open communication.

Line communication is required. It's a free app that ties the group together. We would not be nearly as strong without it. It makes it easy to ask for help in game. You can also share screenshots, and we have many resources saved with tips and tricks.

If this program sounds good contact RockyB239 on Line.

Remember folks RH4H is where it's at.


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