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LF 5x5 AQ and G1/2 War

First things first, I’m looking for an alliance for my wife and I.

I’m completely overqualified and overskilled for such an alliance, which isn’t cockiness, I’m just used to map 6/7 top 250 alliances. But I want to help my wife grow her account as well and we enjoy playing together.

We don’t use Line. Communication can be done in-game, but we’re both very active so there shouldn’t be much of a need for it especially with map 5.

She’s skilled enough to handle most minis in AQ or War, as I can one shot damn near any boss you put in front of me. Just want something that’s consistent and somewhere that strives to get better each week.

Add me in-game if you think we’d be a good fit and want to make this happen tonight. ButOfCorpse.


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