To the person Flagging All my posts

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Please find something better to do with your life then tracking down every post ive made and flagging it, if im not mistaken blatant misuse of the flag function is against forums rules and will get you "banned". I dont know what i have done to offend you in the short time ive been here but please be a man and stop hiding behind the flag function.

I am now awaiting your Flag, please proceed


  • JuggerneyksJuggerneyks Posts: 275 ★★
    Well i agree with you drop, there is no other valid way to address this "ghost" besides calling him out in a thread.
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    This will likely not make it any better my man and will likely only inflate the issue
  • JuggerneyksJuggerneyks Posts: 275 ★★
    I dont mind, if someone can go around and flag everypost they see and not face repercussions, why should i worry about being flagged enough to warrant a ban. IT should go both ways or no ways
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    I've had some experience myself with it. There's no reason to worry. The Mods can see who is abusing the Flags and who isn't. If a Post is in line with the rules, nothing is done. I have to agree with what is said, though. Posting about it will invite more. It's best to ignore it. People have been trolling my Posts with Flags since I created the Account. You develop thick skin after a while. Doesn't bother me a bit now.
  • JuggerneyksJuggerneyks Posts: 275 ★★
    I have 61 posts and this person has managed to track and flag 35 of them so far, man on a mission, think, if you devoted this much time and effort to your real life, oh the things you could achieve
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    Thick skin? King Groot? :D
  • This is a good time to remind everybody that the flagging system is not for showing your disagreement with a post. It is only for legitimately showing that a post is Spam or Abusive. If you disagree with somebody's point of view, please either take the time to constructively tell them why (while abiding by the forum rules), or leave the post be.

    Abusing the flagging system can get you warned, or banned from the forums for egregious abuse.

    We're going to close this thread down now, because it does not have to do with the game, but please remember to keep this in mind.
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