HELP! Need advice on rankups

So I just cleared my first run of act 6.3 and didnt get a science 3 to 4 gem...which puts me im this predicament. Backstory to help answer, I have one run of each Act 6 chapter done, 1 run of LOL done, Variant 2 & 3 are 100% with just initial completion of Variant 1. Looking to explore whats left or if i could help my Alliance defense get stronger, thats cool too ( i run all 5 stars, R5/200 medusa, R5/120 domino, R4/200 void, R4/120 Emma, R4/200 Darkhawk) I have enough to rank2 a 6* or R4 and R5 a 5 star. I also am capped at mystic cats.

HELP! Need advice on rankups 20 votes

R1 to R2 6* symbiote supreme (unawakened)
INTEGRALDuke_SilverAssumedNameAleorFred_JoeityJohnHSYa_Boi_28TP33Hidden_Knight 9 votes
R5 Ghost Rider to complete max trinity, and then R4 duped Thing do AWD
AanthoTexas_11ShadownamezEdeuinkTheInfinty 5 votes
Neither you idiot, you are totallly missing (blank) in your photo
SpeedbumpLvernon15cx23433OnesuavebroLordNeoKiritoFT121 6 votes


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