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AW idea

Here is a cool idea, what if for AW war instead of a map it was a ladder? Each team could place 30 unique defenders on nodes starting with easiest and progressively getting more difficult. Every member ran the gauntlet and whichever team scored the most defenders dropped wins, in case of a tie whichever team did it the fastest would win. Then time zones and schedules wouldn’t interfere.


  • OrdalcaOrdalca Posts: 543 ★★★

    Doesn't even sound like the concept of AW.
    Really need to know how many paths there are. If there aren't at least 9, then each group can run their strongest players and use Every one else as energy

    I think he's saying that each player puts 1 defender in a single line, and then all 30 do as much of the opponent's line as they can. The winner is the alliance that can kill the most defenders.

    Downside here is that it will massively favor either only having the best players do the gauntlet (if it is the average of all runs) or else give the win to whichever team had more players (if it is all defenders dropped). It will also favor burst or multi-fight champions since time will be a factor, instead of survivable champs.

    If each summoner on one team has an Aegon, for example, if they can keep him alive, then by the end of 15 or so enemies, he'll have his permanent unblockactive. If they all have CMM, they'll maintain the binary form.

    In addition, this proposal will require people to spend 1h+ straight fighting through the gauntlet, and that's assuming they finish within 2 minutes for each fight (assuming they can finish, which I believe would be common in master tier). Similarly, it'll heavily favor those who can afford the highest boosts, since if there is no energy requirement (as suggested by "fastest wins"), the boosts will often last long enough to get through the entire line.
  • Vassili24Vassili24 Posts: 109
    Very valid points, just trying to think of an idea that requires all members of the team to fully contribute while also making us able to play at our leisure. After watching Brian Grant’s video, he makes some interesting observations about the current AW state.
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