10+M, 4800 Prestige, 5x5, Tier 2 AW

Rating: 10+ Million
AW: Tier 2 War rating 1800-2000
AQ: Expert Tier, Map 5 daily hit 100M Milestone

About us:
  • An adult group of responsible active players.
  • 90% North American based.
  • No event minimums, but still hit most milestones.
  • SA Usually 6%-40% rewards.

About you:
  • 4800+ Prestige and at least one 5* R4 or really close to it.
  • Can be active the same time as us (Again US time zones or insomniacs).
  • Active and can clear your AQ line with minimal potion usage.
  • Team player and communicates well.

We use Slack for our team chat app which is required. (I use line and slack, slack is better)

We have sister alliances ranging top 100 weekly T4CC - 1000 AQ rankings. So when you're ready to move up you can move up to a t4cc alliance within the family.

Please inquire on LINE "calnu" and "itwasntme51" for info.
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