Still looking for 6

Hey all we are still looking for 6 players to join our ally.

We are happy for map 4 players to join us and we can run 2 x bg map 4 and 1 bg map 5. If you are used to map 3 then come challenge yourselves and try map 4.

But we are happy for either map 4 or map 5 players to come and join us.

If there are 4 5 6 players who are friends wanting a new ally then come on over and grow your rosters with us.

Anyone who has become to good for their silver ally come chat.

Want to slow down from gold 1 or plat then come join us

EFTD is our ally tag.

We are an honest friendly ally and your voice will be heard on decisions made.

But we desperately need to get back upto 30 players so please give us a try. You will not be making the wrong choice and you will love it with us.

Add me in line app or in game at connor892
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