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Need advice on act 5.2.5 and 5.2.6

Hi Guys,

Below are my champs. I am stuck at 5.2.5. my skill is average.

My knowledge in this game is limited. My skill is average or low.

I am thinking of max out some more 4 * champions but not sure whether it is wise as i might just wasting resource. So i am also thinking of keep the resource for a good 5*.

below is are my champs

i need your advice on:
1. current champ is good enough. no need to max out other champ. just need to practise more. who should i bring in?
2. need to max out some more 4*. who should it be?
3. my aim is rank 4 one more 5*. Hood or X23 or Doc Oct or other 5*?

Many thanks for your time in advance.

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