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Magik or Ghost Rider for act 5.3

Who should I rank up to 4/5 on 5* versions of these 2 for act 5.3 as mystic is seemingly only class that will do max damage

I plan to use one of them with the following champs

Stark Spiderman 5* (4/5) level 70 sig
Archangel 4* max rank and sig
Venom 5* (4/5) max sig
Blade 5* (4/5) level 55 sig
Any tips would be appreciated


  • TheRealmKeeperTheRealmKeeper Posts: 213
    You may as well complete the trinity since it’ll upgrade your characters and provide bleed immunity for the caltrops path. Magik is the better solo champ however had you not owned Blade or Spark
    you will need both
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