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Which 5 Star to Rank Up?

The gold arenas recently gave me plenty of gold to rank up one of these characters, taking into account my best character is rank 4 awakened Void, who should I bring up next?

Which 5 Star to Rank Up? 23 votes

Awakened Ghost Rider (Rank 3>4)
Username19273 1 vote
Awakened Star-Lord (Rank 3>4)
TheRealmKeeperHedronSkillful_starTheInfinty 4 votes
Awakened Thing (Rank 2>3)
ArcDeAngelusThe42ndDoctorPizzabeatFhfjghhggggjfhfjgX_Factor_AgentFraudDark_Bubbles10 7 votes
Unawakened Symbiote Supreme (Rank 3>4)
BuckyBruhCrazyAlboAntSeekGeorgiaDawgEtjamaHidden_Knight 6 votes
Unawakened Sunspot (Rank 3>4)
Osfan8Duke_SilverCharlie_SceneDonDudu2809KoRR 5 votes
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