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Anyone used Namor in V2, and happy to answer a couple questions?

OctoberstackOctoberstack Posts: 872 ★★★★
edited November 2019 in General Discussion
I'm currently sitting on the resources to awaken and max sig my 4/55 Namor, and would love to chat with some people who have used him in V2 before I pull the trigger.

My main queries are:

- What's his average fight-to-fight damage output like? Even though he ignores/reflects glance damage, I imagine his overall damage output would be somewhat gimped regardless, as the reflected damage is unlikely to make up for damage lost per glance. Coupled with the fact that his SP3 fury won't always proc (due to glancing), I anticipate some fairly lengthy fights in Ch.3?
- Has anyone used him against the 2.1 evading/stun immune Science Adaptoid? I'm intrigued to see how well he'd fare. The ramp up would be a lot quicker as he'd gain an outrage charge every time the stun fails on each parry, which should (on paper) lead to a quick SP2 kill, but then again I imagine this is dependent on whether the SP3 fury manages to proc.

Any and all input much appreciated!
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