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What Champs Should I Use My 8 Expiring T2A On?

allinashesallinashes Posts: 777 ★★★
edited November 2019 in General Discussion
TLDR: What champs should I use my 8 expiring t2a on?

Hello fellow MCOC'ers. So I explored LoL recently and am at 8 t2a in my stash. I did it hoping for Warlock to r5. I opened 10+ featured 5* and 15 or so Self Friend crystals and although I am at 5 units to my name, I have no Warlock. I am a low spender, so that's a significant investment of my time and energy.

I currently have Ægon/Domino/Medusa/CG at r5.

I also try to rank for holes in my roster and not so much on champs' relative power levels. I know Ghost and Quake are awesome champs, but I'm not good with either and don't really need them with my other champs.

I'm also in semi-retired ally, so no AW right now and easy AQ maps. Halfway through V2, explored V3, explored 6.1, LoL and completed 6.2.1-6.2.5.

I won't likely have any new pulls before my t2a expire, so I'm looking for some advice on where to put them to good use. I've got some good champs to rank in my roster, but I don't particularly "need" any of them right now.

I'm mostly looking to r4 a couple champs so I can continue hoarding my 7 t5b. However, I do have a generic AG/2 tech/2 skill/1 science, a skill 4->5 and a lot of sig stones, so I'm open to suggestions.

Things I've considered:

1. R4 Rulk and Masacre and move on. I don't need them but I run Dom a lot so they're always on my team.

2. R4 unduped OR and Hype. I don't want too use my generic AG on them but I'll be in good position when/if I dupe one.

3. R5 Sentinel and R4 Rulk or another champ. Sentinel is good and will help me finish V2, plus bleed and poison immune in one champ.

4. R2 6* Domino (already have 5/65) and R4 Rulk or another champ.



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