Friendly Alliance. Need 2 daily players. ONLY LV60S PLEASE

We're a friendly Alliance but need daily players. Only LV 60s please. We have a 11 mil alliance. Most of are players are daily players. We have been Silver 2 last 2 war seasons. We usually do 100% of quest maps 3-3-3 and get around 25 or 35 mil by the end of Quest season. About 2100 glory every aq season We get our 1000 daily loyalty easily, a lot of us play arenas. We have line and use it but I feel like it's better than line in most alliances because we're all friendly. We also share photos and videos of are caracters and mastery for tips. We sometimes do 4s at start of Quest season. We we're almost ready for map 4s and several players left for holidays. Last spring we we're almost ready for map 5s and summer hit and we can't seem to bounce back. We're mostly adults that work, but fight daily, so we're a little slow about joining but fight good usually together. Only doing 2 BGs through holidays. Timely Publications is name of Alliance. Search Mathina on game or mathanos
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