Black friday crystal pulls



  • DoubleDeltaDoubleDelta Posts: 339

    Black friday spent and saved opens..

    Grinded arena all day today refusing to spend anymore money annnnnndd. 2k units later..

    Mother of god
    Who needs the holy mother when you are the bringer of doom?
  • DoubleDeltaDoubleDelta Posts: 339
    GimmeCull said:

    I did okay this black Friday.

    5* Wasp
    5* Diablo
    5* Rocket Racoon
    5* Gwenpool
    5* Angela

    4* Hyperion
    4* Domino
    4* Vision Aarkus (any good?)
    4* Void
    4* Mysterio
    4* Wolverine X23
    4* Storm
    4* Scarlet Witch
    4* Star Lord
    4* Spidey Miles Morales

    Duped my 4* Corvus, Mister Fantastic, She Hulk and Stark Spidey (latter now with 99 sig) and 3* Dr Doom

    Arkus is merh, I havent got him yet but everything i've heard so far says he is decent for utility, and not something to crybabout but alot better options out there
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