My top 5 wants for MCOC

1. All heal potions should be a percent of max health instead of flat number. 1 5%, 2 10 %, 3 15%, 4 20% etc.

2. Quests crystals should be undated to give actual rewards useful to players with a very rare chance of units and full energy refills. Give something to look forward to while exploring.

3. Synergies and catagories for OG champs should all be reworked. Including creative interactions with champs fighting friends or enemies.

4. Trade up system for alliance quest crystals and arena crystals.

5. Loyalty should be completely reworked. Gain loyalty by % of participation in events, AQ, War, with bonuses based on how long you have been in an alliance week, month, year. Allow loyalty to be used as substitutes for donations of gold and chips.


  • J0eySn0wJ0eySn0w Posts: 26
    edited December 3
    Very thoughtful. Looks like I'm the only one interested and one other nameless person lol
  • RigidRigid Posts: 41
    Thanks! Would love to see #5 added or something like that to reward alliance dedication.
  • Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 3,762 ★★★★★
    I agree with just about everything except needed to trade up arena crystals. The drop rates and quantities are pretty much proportional to cost. The only difference is that you can get a 5* from UC Arena crystals.

    Other than that, I like those ideas a lot.
  • RigidRigid Posts: 41
    I was meaning arena boost crystals.. I rarely run 3* arena now but have a ton of crystals that I just don't open anymore because I normally just get 3* boost.

    I use the 4* and higher boost so I end up with rhe 3s decaying or using them for item events .
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