Stuck at 5.2.4

Stuck at 5.2.4 since ages. These are my champions and i don't know what to do can you guys give me some tips if you have any.


  • poppapavopoppapavo Posts: 5
    Just completed 5.2.4 yesterday after taking a break from it for a while. I didn’t want to deplete my resources and I’m F2P. I brought a 5/50 Sabretooth with a 5/50 KM in addition ed to a 5/50 Thor OG so I’d have 2 champs who could bypass masochism. I also used boosts so my attack and health were both up 30-40% or so. I wound up using 3 single lvl 2 revives which were expiring anyway.

    There are youtube vids you can watch that may be helpful, but in general I’d recommend using boosts, waiting till you have revives stored up, and using a champ or 2 that can bypass masochism if you have them. Apparently an awakened Morningstar is great for this node as she regens when the opponent does, or something like that. I don’t have her. Don’t forget you can parry once the opponent has shaken off a debuff...apply enough bleeds or whatever and you can play more or less normally. Don’t let them get to SP3 of course and any special is going to hurt a ton at this level. Play somewhat cautiously...easier to bait heavies than normal, I think.

    Too bad they buffed Colossus...forgot he’s now stun immune. The ambush attackers can really suck. I only got Cable this time but time before that was him and Electro. Latter was unavoidable death basically. Good luck and just try to power through. Youtube vids are probably more helpful.
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