“Break” from the grind alliance for experienced players

Tired of grinding out top AQ maps and chasing people all the time?

Join the Underground Warlords for a stress free alliance experience

Only free AQ maps so no donating! AW is as you wish! Your top champs will be available for all your Act board and Variant needs.

We are still organized and productive without the frustration of chasing people to take out boosts or finish their lines.

We still communicate through Line App so we can let each other know when life happens and share accomplishments and new champ we open

If interested just join, we are open!

My Line ID is darkclawprime. Feel free to connect and ask any questions you might have.

Thank you for your consideration


  • Dark_Claw_Pr1meDark_Claw_Pr1me Posts: 10
    If you play with a group of friends and interested in a merge please let me know.

    Line ID - darkclawprime

    Underground Warlords Tag UGWLs
  • Dark_Claw_Pr1meDark_Claw_Pr1me Posts: 10
    Semi retired? Play once or twice a day? No donations, no chasing, no stress and healthy rewards.

    Join us and if you are unhappy after a week than you can leave. No hard feelings
  • Need to take a war season off
  • Dark_Claw_Pr1meDark_Claw_Pr1me Posts: 10
    If you need some family time for the holidays let me know...your membership doesn’t have to be long term
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