Who to awaken?

I have one awakening gem. Who should I use it on?


  • Hawkcrew2000Hawkcrew2000 Posts: 27
    I don’t have Corvus or Archangel as 4*s but I duped my Dr voodoo and he’s a beast awakened.
  • PantherusNZPantherusNZ Posts: 362 ★★
    AA-Ron, Dr Voodoo or Star Lord would probably be prime candidates.

    The presence of Ghost Rider makes Voodoo's value slightly diminished, while Cap Marvel Movie takes over the damage output from Star Lord, which leaves Arch-Angel for my pick.
  • Bungyman_BMBungyman_BM Posts: 29
    That AA IS GONNA BE so useful to you in act 5 as well has loads more content. He’s damage % with the sig ability is crazy can take a 80k champ down in roughly 18 hits if done properly.
    I have a maxed dr voodoo and don’t see the benefit like I did with aa.
    Also that GR is a great option a all rounder. By the looks of your rouster both wouldn’t do no harm depending on who u like more really

    That ghost has not been ranked also? Rank her up she’s a boss
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