Massive 6 Star and Dungeon Crystal Opening... Is that Lucky?!!


  • LucianoDelHoyaLucianoDelHoya Posts: 1,029 ★★★
    Exactly done with these videos, trying to 'gain views' just print screen the dam thing and save us the misery of watching 99% of Bull.
  • AkumaccbAkumaccb Posts: 266 ★★
    edited December 2019

    TBH... That ain’t lucky at all. This kinda click bait should stop. I don’t mind watching videos that live up to the hype, but yours is somewhat deceiving. Piece of advice to you, create content that viewers would like to see and abstain from posting click bait videos. This would go a long way towards reinforcing your integrity as a content creator amongst the community.

    I love watching crystal opening videos, but make sure you post those that ads worth watching. Either really awesome ones or ones where you get shafted big-time time and again like anonymous Y2K are entertaining.
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