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Who to 5* R4?

I have resources to rank up 3, but I may do 1-2 and save the T2 alpha. I have maxed out 4* imiw and GR. Rng has not blessed me with mutant t4cc lately. I have almost too many T4cc mystic. Lastly, I haven’t been super into playing proxima, So I may have answered my own question about her.

Who to 5* R4? 16 votes

Proxima (duped)
Nick Fury (unawakened)
MachoNachoBpn88855ShaconaqeSpiderCoolsJtarunBlackJ4zzBungyman_BMTheBestinTuakauHiDefStatic 9 votes
Ghost Rider (unawakened)
DonnymeijFhfjghhggggjfhfjgawesomesauce 3 votes
Save t2 alpha for Namor (unawakened)
tidusx2jrTRONG94 2 votes
IMIW (unawakened)
Master3418 1 vote


  • YsFYsF Posts: 149 ★★
    None of these champs are too great honestly (some missing dupe and some are just ok), So I would suggest you wait.
  • awesomesauceawesomesauce Posts: 774 ★★★
    Ghost Rider (unawakened)
    GR. He doesn't rely on the dupe like the others. Especially if you have a blade somewhere on your team GR will excel well.

    Namor can do a ton of damage but really relies on high sig to have his utility and use.

    Fury is good for synergies at least and can stack a lot of bleeds.

    If you had the same list, but all awakened I'd go Nick Fury first 100%
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