Which Content To Tackle Next?

By all accounts I think I have a fairly stacked roster, but I continue to struggle with more difficult content due to my own lack of consistent fighting skill (and lack of willingness to burn items/units/$$). As a result I've been slow to progress through post-Uncollected content despite frequent attempts.

I finished Uncollected a long time ago, took a year off, and have been back for a few months now. I've fully explored every Uncollected event since I've returned but it's always been a bit of a struggle and the final bosses have typically required a few revives each run. I've been slowly working on the completion of Act 5 - currently on 5.3.5 and keep screwing up the fights, restarting, and eventually giving up :smile:. Same with Variants - I've tried the Polar Opposites one a few times, because Sentinel, but keep getting pwned by Thing, Korg, or Wasp on the first map - again, not prepared to burn items on the early levels.

So, 2 questions:

1) What bit of content should I be focusing on completing next?
- Act 5 Completion -> Exploration -> Cavalier
- Variants (Which one first? Polar Opposites or another?)
- Neither - keep doing Events & Arena in order to improve my roster

2) What (if any) rank ups should I be looking at in order to significantly improve my roster enough to help my get through the above content? I think I've ranked up all the valuable 5* that I have so far, barring some champs that really need to be woke (AA-ron, Void, Dr Voodoo) and all significant rank ups have capped at R4 as I'm VERY hesitant to R5 anyone unless I'm very sure it'll make a significant difference because I'm not doing high-tier Alliance Quest/War and so T5B are going to be VERY hard to come by. Alternatively I could be ranking up (and awakening - I have a 4* Generic AG) some 4* champs if they're going to be of significant use - options include Cap IW, Omega Red, Killmonger, Domino).


  • PantherusNZPantherusNZ Posts: 362 ★★
    Anyone? Bueller?

    I understand the post is a little wordy but I wanted this to be more than a simple "who do I rank up" post
  • solopolosolopolo Posts: 228
    Progress-wise, your first priority should be exploring uncollected, master and heroic difficulties of each monthly quest, then whenever you're done and waiting for the next monthly focus on completing act 5. Grind units in every arena, play up to the last milestone in the 4* featured, 4* basic as well if you have time for it. That should get you a decent unit income for act 5 if you're having trouble with it.

    Completion shouldn't take you too long. If you can play for at least a couple hours at a time you can knock out 3-4 quests in a day. Spend time practicing on a single quest without spending units, then start going through it when you feel ready. Once you get used to it, every quest will feel the same.

    For 5.3.5, gwenpool and ghost rider should be able to get you through it, you can spend units to keep them both healthy throughout the long paths. GHulk, ghost rider and ghost for 5.3.6.

    I personally found 5.4 to be easier than 5.3, some of the bosses are just more annoying, ultron is the only real major problem boss, maybe mephisto if you don't have a counter to him. The first 3 bosses are easy to play around, you have sentinel and ghost to counter morningstar, and with hela you just have to wait out her unstoppables. Corvus counters MODOK, hype and AA work as well. Don't know how GHulk works but I'm pretty sure he counters mephisto's aura. If you have a lower ranked human torch, he tears through mephisto, regardless of his rank even. I went in with a 3/30 4* torch. Medusa is the best counter to ultron, you can also try Loki if you have one, he's a bit harder though.

    After completing act 5, you can try going for cavalier, you have a good roster for it. If that doesn't work out you can work on exploring 5.4 first, the chapter has the best exploration rewards for building your roster.

    As far as rank ups, IMIW, AA can both go to rank 4. AA sig is nice but it's not necessary outside of countering specific fights. IMIW is just amazing utility-wise. Hawkeye and doc oc are good options as well, I don't see power control in your top champs. If you dupe them, medusa, voodoo, void are all great. Ghost, Corvus and hype are all great rank 5 options.
  • PantherusNZPantherusNZ Posts: 362 ★★
    @solopolo Thank you for that - very helpful information.

    So finish completion of Act 5, have a go at Cavalier and, if I struggle, go back to explore Act 5 first.
  • UraniumUranium Posts: 26
    Act 5 completion, plus it shouldn't be a problem with those champs got the final ultron down with 40 units with my 3/45 ghost and i am like very average at playing her.
  • bubbaXzonebubbaXzone Posts: 74
    use proxima with corvus

    it makes the auto block/evade charge you get with corvus true strike as well

    just remember to do heavy or SP after you see an auto evade/block
    then you never have to worry about auto bull again <3
  • PantherusNZPantherusNZ Posts: 362 ★★

    use proxima with corvus

    it makes the auto block/evade charge you get with corvus true strike as well

    just remember to do heavy or SP after you see an auto evade/block
    then you never have to worry about auto bull again <3</p>

    Yep - Corvus, Proxima & Gulk is my go-to team for AW. Corvus does virtually all of the work, with Gulk stepping in for nodes like Starburst and any Mystics.
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