Wrong interaction between Ghost vs. Carnage on Caltrops (6.3.6)

Hello there !!

There is very huge issue concerning Ghost !!
Please take a look at this video (french youtuber, timecode 7:00) :

- Ghost, when in phase, can convert bleed, poison, ... debuffs into passive furies.
- Carnage, and maybe others like Yondu or Elektra, inflict a bleed debuff and if the opponent is immune to it, it becomes an armor break debuff.
- On caltrops, with a dash back, we get a bleed debuff, but with Ghost, it is immediately converted into a passive fury.

In this video, we can see Ghost converting bleed debuffs from caltrops into furies BUT there is a wrong interaction between :
1) Ghost's phase ability
2) Caltrops
3) Carnage's bleed/armor break abilities

The video will help you to understand what's going on : Ghost does a dash back, gets a bleed debuff from caltrops, which is immediately converted into an armor break + a passive fury PREVENTING HER FROM PHASING !

In the past, we didn't have this kind of fight or interaction, but this combination is pretty tricky...


  • DoubleDeltaDoubleDelta Posts: 245
    What does the node say in English? I haven't reached that point yet.

    I'd love to say its broken - however if it says that bleeds can, our should be converted, or that node is intended to operate that way then I doubt Kabam will touch it & just say its to balance the game (stopping ghost from clearing an entire path with ease).

    It's annoying for us as players I know - must say, really well written post 😁
  • Unk0wn_S0ldierUnk0wn_S0ldier Posts: 50
    Experienced the same thing with this fight. Assumed that it had to do with the fact that Carnage applies armor break if immune to bleed. His abilities does however state that it is HIS bleeds which are converted to armor break if bleed immune. Caltrops bleeds should therefore not be converted
  • GamerGamer Posts: 4,805 ★★★★
    I’m use gr for that one The aromer break keep me top of nick Fury was a bit annoying forgot with bost work so didn’t use anything 3 revies totalt
  • Jack0312Jack0312 Posts: 88
    @Kabam Miike maybe you could take a look to it ?
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