Cavalier or 100% act 5, roaster advice

So this is my 5* roaster, i finished act5 (from uncollected) in 2 days using 1 revive on ultron (i used quake, used revive cuz he got his power boost to sp3, anyways my question is, is my roaster good enough to try to go for cav? I'm rather good with quake, i'm mediocre at intercepting, which of this amazing champions i own should i level up and rank up (don't have any iso8 atm, just got skill and mystic iso8) and at what point should i go for cav if not now?


  • MawrCalleachMawrCalleach Posts: 260
    With mad skill,yes. Level up thing for CB and expect to use potions.
    Act 5 100% is ok,only obstacle is the Collector 7x
  • MAC83MAC83 Posts: 10
    Units solve a lot of issues. It'll be rough with that roster. You probably want to rank up colossus for the Crossbones boss in 6.1.5
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