Best advice for going for uncollected? Best champs, strategies etc.


  • jkcjmijijkcjmiji Posts: 260
    Watch some youtube videos on 'easy paths' and take tips and guides as to how to handle certain nodes and have basic ideas of what/how each champs work with the nodes and without and prep a team of 5 to counter.
    That's pretty much the whole game i'd think.
  • CKLIMCKLIM Posts: 19
    OG Hulk was my MVP for the collector with stun chain
  • EtjamaEtjama Posts: 1,329 ★★★
    Up until 5.2.3, it's pretty easy no matter what champs you use as long as you have skill. Just make sure you don't make mistakes often. But tip for 5.2.1/2, champs with powerful specials will make it a cakewalk. Though you may want to bring an Electro counter for 5.2.2. Since your basic attacks deal no damage, you can bring anyone that ignores damage on specials or mainly uses ranged or energy attacks on specials.

    For 5.2.3 Buffet, heal block/reversal champs work best, though it's very doable without them.

    For 5.2.4 Masochism, you either want to use champs that don't rely on debuffs and go for intercepts as much as possible, use a champ that uses a ton of debuffs and make sure the important ones land while masochism is on cooldown, use someone with heal block and make sure you apply it while masochism is on cooldown, or use the Sabretooth/KM synergy and roll with Sabretooth. It's still doable without these, but this makes it easiest.

    For 5.2.5/6 Bane, it's all skill-reliant. Make sure you time hits into the opponent as bane is ending on them so you don't get effected. To do this, you can add a little more time in between hits to make a longer combo, parry soon before bane ends, or attach a special to the end of your combo to hit while bane is about to transfer (save your specials for this reason).

    And finally, The Collector. Basically, you're probably going to use some team revives to get this guy down. I only had to use 2, but I know some that had to use a lot more. The best counters are going to be Sparky, Daredevil (Classic) with a high sig, Awakened OG Hulk, good power control champs, Spider-Gwen, Nightcrawler, OG Spider-Man with a high sig and a few others. Just be prepared to fail and who knows? You might be surprised.

    Other than that, look up some videos on YouTube, I suggest Seatin's with his latest F2P run. He'll show you the easiest paths and whatnot.
  • BananaGrantBananaGrant Posts: 95
    I used VTD with 4 power gain. 10 hits for an L2. Took about 10% off the collector each fight
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