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First 5* R5


Like in the pool.. who’s the most right choice to rank 5 as a first 5* champ? All awakened. Went through to Cavalier already (Aegon). Variant 2 initial run done (VtD). All I’ll focus is monthly quests, Variants and Acts exploration.


First 5* R5 30 votes

Spity68 1 vote
thetaman23Erza_ScarletBigbadromoNifzManup456Drake2078StucatLvernon15Kayser2705QuikPikIron_SkywalkerRoOOtsThecrusher_9756Repto23blurblotiRetr0spiderbites0196DonDudu2809HedronTheoncomingstorm 23 votes
Venom the Duck
Mets17Osfan8spigwenderSuxy88UraniumHippoSleek_J 6 votes


  • Osfan8Osfan8 Posts: 734 ★★★
    Venom the Duck
    If you are going to use him as your main champ, VTD would be a great choice for a 1st r5...you need a few fights to get him to potential. Aegon is great once you have a few other r5s to use every day. Wasp I don't use enough to comment on be an expert but from what I've used my 6*, I wouldn't rank her up to be my workhorse.
  • solmyrairsolmyrair Posts: 377
    edited December 2019
    VtD is brilliant once goes through few fights and ramps up to 10 buffs.. that was my first choice however I’ve pulled Ægon few weeks ago, I’ve awakened him and tried on.. R4 went through Act 6.1 like nothing😶

    Champ has got potential (not even saying about LOL). That’s where my concerns are coming from..

    Why I’ve put WASP? Well.. the champ helped me out many times. Hits heavy despite of low general utility (no immunities). If I had Ghost that would make more sense maybe..
  • KDoggg2017KDoggg2017 Posts: 919 ★★★★
    I think a players first 5/65 should usually be the champ you use the most. You have time to flesh out your R5 roster as you go.
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