Void's "fear of the void" doesn't seem to work.

I was fighting Miniboss Hyperion with my 4 star awakened void on map 5 today and I noticed that his fear of the void: which is supposedly a combined version of all his debuffs, was not working against hyperion's power gain. This is a nuisance because I've noticed this after updation to the Latest 25.1.0 (silver surfer). Yesterday while I had not updated to the latest version of the game, his fear of the void was working pretty well and I easioy took out Hyperion.

Please, if someone has noticed this as well, we'll need to forward this message to kabam.


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    WakalaWakala Posts: 46
    I have noticed that fear of the void it doesn't activate it just reset in aw @Kabam Miike would you help with this?
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