Who to rank 4?

Rolo_maxRolo_max Posts: 57
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Have enough to rank 4 just one, now I'm uncollected need to complete act 5, but already did the first path in 6.1.1, which one would contribute more?, I don't have a 5* nick fury for synergies. Both not awakened, 5* rank 3, and I enjoy playing with both and I think they don't need to be awakened to be good, so its a tough one

Who to rank 4? 4 votes

Cap Marvel movie (not awakened)
Lvernon15FhfjghhggggjfhfjgBonzodavidNimor 4 votes
Venom (not awakened)
don't waste your resources and rank up your 5* rank 2 task master (not awakened too)


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