Just looking for 1 player

Hey all EFTD are looking for 1 player to join us.

We are currently at 22 but have 7 players coming in within the next 24 hours so just need 1 to put us at 30 again. We have members from usa, europe, Africa and Asiabasically a worldwide ally so all are welcome.

One if the main things we ask for is that your active and a team player. There is no bullying or picking on players that may have a bad day.

Right what we do........


We run 2 bgs in war starting recently.
This means you have the choice if carrying out every war or just do them as you can. You are not forced into doing war but you can pretty much do as many as you want. I believe you need to do 5 per season to get rewards


We run 3x bgs in quest and you will be allocated a bg to join.
We are going to be trying 2 bgs running map 5 and 1 bg running map 4 for the busier guys. If you can do either map 4 or map 5 would be better as you might be asked to move bgs now and again but mainly as long as you can do map 4 that would be great.

Donations are minimal so dont worry about that. We all chip in even if we are in the map 4 both as we are a close not team and family.

Come and talk to me in game it in line app at connor892 and I will answer any questions you have.

Line is required and I must stress you must need to have a sense of humour and open mind as some of our members like to have a laugh in the group chat that can get a little adult material.

If you like the sound of us then get in touch.
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