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LF Boss killers for map 4 and solid map 5

Marvels Eternal are looking for skilled new members.
*must be with in 4hrs time range of EST Timezone. Exception differ depending on your uptime. An activity.
*must be at least uncollected
*must be active and participate in event and AQ
* must use line app or clan hq for communication

Information about us:
* 12mil alliance
*MAPS 443×5, during the war season, 543×5 off season.
*We can currently 100% 1 bg of map 5, an look for more members to help bring us up to 2bgs map 5.
*war can be optional, we run 2 bgs
*we Aim to push for gold 1 or 2 bracket
*we are looking for members that can beat mini bosses and bosses in map 4, or are able to run map5 withought to much of a struggle.
*we like to have fun and joke around, but still take the game seriously
*we complete 100% of all bgs in both war an AQ
*we try our best to score as high as we can in most events
Please contact me if you are interested in joing our ally.
Contact info:

Line app: reign668

Clan HQ: Reign668

In-game: Reign668


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