Grandmaster Crystal Unavailability

Dear Admin and my dear fellow summoners.

My name is Jush and my Summoner ID is jush2003 for further reference.

My issue is Grandmaster Crystal Unavailability.
I've completed Act 5 chapter so far and attained the title of 'The Uncollected'
In the December calendar that is this mont's calendar, we get an Uncollected Crystal Shards where the highest drop rate is for Grandmaster Crystal shards.... and i got this morning but there is no Grandmaster Crystal in my crystals list... Please tell me why I am DUMBSTRUCK KABAM!!


  • GamerGamer Posts: 6,477 ★★★★★
    You’re ain’t lvl 4 yet that’s why
  • jay_denjay_den Posts: 116
    edited December 2019

    Just how did u become Uncollected and finished Act 5 with that roster? Either you're very good, very rich or you cheated.
  • jush2003jush2003 Posts: 10
    bro i played it like i was so insane ... okay so u mean to say i have to become level 40!?? Hmmm okay lemme see
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