Biggest issue with 6*s

The biggest issue for me with the introduction of 6*s is resources and "god tier" champs they said in the past they do not plan to release as 5*s. Will sw, dr, thor, ect... now be released as 5*s? If not they are basically be fazed out and no longer useable for future end game content. Also what about resources. Gold and iso are already issues with ranking 5*s. T4bs and t1as are extremely scarce. While i am already beating a dead horse. I would like to get on the rank down ticket bus. The game has gotten extremely stale for me. Having the same 3 5*s at r4 is getting very boring. It would be absolutely wonderful to be able to mix it up once and a while. Maybe one ticket a month or even one ticket every 3 months.
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