Guilly99 Heavy Counter Distance "Bugged"???

KeepinItRealKeepinItReal Posts: 229
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Recently faced Guilly99 in AWar on stun immune & Boss nodes. Figured ML Invisi-cloak was gonna be tricky on AWD. While using the hold block, then heavy countering her heavy tactic, she's usually too far away to hit (or just dashes back in between multiple part heavies) & then at times my heavy will connect. Yet, can't figure out why/when to consistently know if/when I'm messing up or correctly timing. That randomness can cost items & even AWar Wins from a.bonuses lost. Can consistently connect when banking off the wall, but that's real risky & feels odd. I have dueled/tested diff champs (Blade, Starky, Iceman, etc), but still randomly connects. Realize different champs have longer & shorter heavy reaches or finishing distance (Emma vs Hyperion, etc), but theirs doesn't seem so random. (Won't get into "traveling" heavies/SPs, LCage) Also tried hitting her mid heavy, but doesn't work,..unless doing that wrong. Even Medusa, Culls heavies don't always connect which usually have a far reach & solid counters. (Yet Culls heavy is oddly in super slow motion so easily evaded/dex'd) Is Guilly99s "bugged" where her heavy (which is short) finishes at a random distance or is there a way to consistently heavy counter? Not asking which champs are best counters or using different tactics. Specifically about how to heavy counter her w/any champ on stun immune or if this is a "bug" w/her heavy distance. Sorry for long post,...any tips or explanations would be appreciated.
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