who to r4 1st?

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who to r4 1st? 21 votes

4* hyperion unduped
winterthurShynight00LoPrestiYellsomeSuperman69VartoxSpeedbumpMidknight007TheMageHunterSpartacus29BreybreyDoctor_PatriotCryomacerNicholasj8 14 votes
4* ghost rider unduped
DoctorAntManPera5AfridAnonymous346D_Ace_71Vinh225Nitro23 7 votes


  • AfridAfrid Posts: 529 ★★
    4* ghost rider unduped
    Depends on what you need. I would take GR first good Regen and bleed immune. He is really good for AQ.
  • TheSOURATheSOURA Posts: 674
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    Who is for mostly all use
  • TheSOURATheSOURA Posts: 674
    I have quite nice champs for aq aw. I m asking for solo quests like story & event.
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