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Highest percentage in crystal 300 ...

Why not increase the percentage to get a 300-unit crystal pitch?

The contest launches 2 heroes a month at least ... until you get these new ones, there are other better ones ...


  • GomezlinkGomezlink Posts: 129
    I opened 40 crystal imperium rex and no NAMOR...
  • Deacon03Deacon03 Posts: 194 ★★
    NO, its simple. This is a business and if they increased the percentage to get the champ, the drive to obtain the champions would decrease as it would be as simple as buying a bunch of crystals. This is part of the game. The percentages are calculated by Kabam in order to keep a balance. Yes, does it benefit the whales, sure, but they have the capability of buying all those crystals. I think the crystal is fine. sorry
  • GomezlinkGomezlink Posts: 129
    but gathering units in the arenas also goes effort, and time thrown
  • solopolosolopolo Posts: 546 ★★★
    Gomezlink said:

    but gathering units in the arenas also goes effort, and time thrown

    That's kinda how the world works. Results require time and effort.
  • GomezlinkGomezlink Posts: 129
    I do not claim the effort, so it is possible to be very busy, I want a hero to like him, is not the determinant to make such content ... for that I already have a good team ...
  • GomezlinkGomezlink Posts: 129
    Acho que não ficou bem claro em inglês, digo que procuro um determinado campeão, por gostar e identificar com ele, e não para fazer o conteúdo, pra isso já tenho minha equipe...
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