Variant 4 Appreciation

Once in a while I think it's good for me to bury the hatchet and praise Kabam for a really good Variant design.

I'm having loads of fun doing this variant and pulling out the best of my 2* and 3* roster. Would love to see similar content like this in the future! I guess the only downside was that I had to pop some 1* crystals because I sold all of mine when I first started. And this being the first variant I did not use a single revive to get my first clear, I'm really happy! I hope there are other ways in the future to get 2* and 1* exclusive champions other than having to spend units tho. Maybe when more full roster utilising content comes out. 🤔

Best Variant thus far. Great Job kabam!


  • StevieManWonderStevieManWonder Posts: 2,466 ★★★★★
    This variant was insanely fun and very fair. Except for the toxic rage path in 3.2 but one bad path out of the entire variant is pretty good in my opinion. Absolutely loved it!
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