Summoners, we are aware of some issues currently affecting Dungeons, and possibly other parts of the game. We are working to resolve this as soon as possible, and will address the knock ons when we are sure this is all resolved.

Drop rate missing

Drop rate missing from Power Cosmic Crystals. Coincidence?!?!?


  • We're aware of this. We've had a few issues with this lately, and had a fix go out yesterday, but it appears there's still problems. We're looking into it right now.
  • Banger_38Banger_38 Posts: 7
    @Kabam Miike what is being done about this ???
  • The team is looking into reports that the issue is still occurring. Once we have more information to share, we will.
  • NaTiSaAdNaTiSaAd Posts: 35
    Drop rate is missing from the Cavalier Crystal as well. It also seems to be missing from every new special cavalier crystal that comes out, like the Vision/Arkus one right now.
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