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Just became uncollected! act 5.2.6

team i used for 5.2.6
1. Starky 5* duped R4: used it to kill kang (evade him and just kill him easily). Then use him again to almost kill vision. when vision almost die, you can quite the fight.
2. Use corvus 4* duped (R5) to finish vision to get two mission.
3. use blade 4* R5 duped to kill all mystics. revive a few time and use quite a number of health potions. *blade synergy with starky and mephisto is great! he just killed all mystic easily.
4. use Mephisto to kill some of Iceman.
5. use corvus to finish iceman. Fight, bait, parry to break the ice armor and finish him with special two.
6. i use medusa to kill anyone along the way.
7. The boss: revive starky to kill some of the health. Use corvus to finish him off. revive 20% a few times. revive 40% two times.
8. No credit use at all. because i have portions and revive.
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