Doc Ock..a great bug?

Straight to the point, he is great now because of this bug (or maybe now he works as intended?)

When he was first released, his heavy attack will remove all of his active Breakthrough and reset his Research number to zero. So you need to work yourself to get the number to 100 again to get a Breakthrough of your choice.
That's in his description.
"Research number will reset to zero when a Breakthrough expires".

Now, it is not like that anymore and Research number will stay the same.
Meaning, you can power lock Hyperion, do a heavy, hit him again, instantly gain a power lock again, repeat.

Just want to know if KABAM is going to let this slide forever? Because if I got him later, I will R5 him because of what he is right now.
If he is going to be fixed, then I will have no interest on him.


  • Jack0312Jack0312 Posts: 181 ★★
    He is just working as intended...
    Read his description, breathe, and everything will be alright :)
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