Future of hero crystals

If you cleared V4 100% without a 1* hulk, please let me know how you did it! If so I can remove this post.

With all due respect:
I've spent somewhere around 3k units to hunt a 1* hulk so I can 100% this Variant 4. No luck
I was told somewhere in this forum that since V4 is permanent content, chances are 1*s will become more available in the future. I really want to know from Kabam if you guys can say anything about this. I think I speak for a for some summoners in my alli who don't own a 1* hulk or sold him, and just cannot complete a path in V4 because of it. Please Kabam can we get some update on this? I don't think in this game there has been any fight where you actually can use ONLY 1 specific champion to clear (It's like a champion gate in itself). And for some people getting that champion is pretty much impossible. I don't think I'm ready to spend any more units on the hero crystals since the drop rates are also really bad.

(For context, the caustic temper path in Variant 4.3.2 can practically only be cleared by a 1* champion that is poison immune and generates fury buffs)

I want to know if this is too much to ask for too. And pardon me if this is spam or something, I didn't see Kabam respond to this issue. Thousand of units already gone and I don't plan to invest more just for a 1* hulk if this is what it takes to 100% V4.

Yes, I made a mistake, screwed up and sold my champion a long time ago, but how could I have actually known.
Would really really really appreciate a genuine response, thank you.

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  • KbugiiKbugii Posts: 99
    I still believe the hero crystal should be a nexus crystal so you get to choose between 3 champs. As of right now you could spend 50 units and dupe a 1 star you already have which means you get nothing at all because they don’t dupe.
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