Finish the graphics please

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So from release you had the green square 🟩 and then just replaced it with white square. Wanna finish the blood/sym veins instead of the weird square? Or rectangle depending on fight.


  • WoogieboogieWoogieboogie Posts: 340 ★★
    And dono why it was spaced so dang far apart tried to edit it.
  • WoogieboogieWoogieboogie Posts: 340 ★★

    But doesn’t he have that white patch even in some books?

    O snap, (not a huge comic book guy) so my apologies to everyone who was offended. But like the square in a video game seems like unfinished is all I thought. Dang so I gotta look at it forever lol. Thanks though dude or dudette.
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    I think it looks weird because of the how the graphics are. Idk. But there are some artist who leave it out and some who leave it in.

    Didn’t offend me. Also wasn’t trying to prove you wrong in case some of my haters take it that way lol. Just thought I’d drop in and be like “look what I found”
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