For act 6.4 Beta Testers: Who is the top 5 champions for initial complete ?

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This could be my best or maybe community best guide to rank 5 or 2 their 5 and 6 star rosters in the future content. Could you please mention at here ? thank you very much.

For me, I have 2/35 CG undupe, 5/56 Quake, Gulk, Hyperion, Aegon, DH and SymSup (All awaken)
For future act 6.4 candidate : Void sig 100, Thing 20, Domino 20, Magik 20, Havok undupe, NF 20, Guillotine 2099 1/25.

I have all the resources to rank 5/2 my champs.. but I really need to wait the best counter for act 6.4. I dont have ghost, if she is the mvp, then I need to hunt for her and keep all my resources.


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    Groot (cleared 90% of the content)
    Falcon (great counter to many nodes)
    King Groot
    Iron Fist
    OG Iron Man :trollface:

    Bro, I can’t believe you thought iron man was better than hulk buster and ip for it, ok jokes aside, from what I’ve seen ghost seems the best, stealth spidey also seems to have a lot of uses, but mostly looks like it’s path depending, and we don’t know what grandmaster looks like
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    Iron fist carried. However, I found iron patriot very useful. I used kamala for caustic temper too.
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    I don’t know - I think the mvps are probably going to be superior iron man for sure. The classic iron man and iron patriot carry as well. Kamala and Jane foster are great. Definitely not ghost or human torch though - they get destroyed by all the nodes. Always got with the groot who can easily get the kill everything. If needed use king groot.
  • How do you become a beta tester? I didn't even know MCOC offered that option.
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    How do you become a beta tester? I didn't even know MCOC offered that option.

    They invite summoners to be beta testers in a test-by-test basis. I've been a beta tester for most of the champion total reworks (Luke Cage/Red Hulk, Venom/Carnage, Colossus/Old Man Logan, etc.). I've not ever been a beta for new Act 6 content or the likes. They invite summoners based on what they need for that given test, so since I haven't pushed too hard for Act 6 content, it makes sense I wouldn't be beta testing 6.4. However, I have a very deep roster, so I tend to have multiple star levels of the champs they are looking to do a rework on (really hoping to be in the beta for Hulkbuster to test out my 5* and 6* versions...LoL).
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