Multiple account login

Had an odd thought, and wondering if it's possible ... safe .. or abusable .. O.o

Some of us have more than 1 account. Kabam has verified this is fine, and acceptable, as long as they are YOUR accounts ... Check, no problem there.

So when flipping between the accounts, in game, one needs to log out of the one account, then re-login with the other account ... re-typing both email + password.

I was wondering .. with a single account, the game remembers it just fine (email + password), and no need to re-type anything ... would it be possible/feasible/safe/etc ... to somehow have the client store 2 such sets of info to allow switching over to your other account more easily ?

Or would this potentially open things to a whole new level of abuse? O.o
(I honestly can't think of anything, however, that doesn't mean much .. hehe )

Just looking for open discussion on this .. obviously if you use only 1 account (like a "normal" person ;) this option wouldn't be used by you, nor would it interfere with you in any way ... )


  • GRiN2KGRiN2K Posts: 8
    This would be so useful. An easy login for people with multiple accounts.
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