So what new Marvel Champs do you want to see in 2020 and beyond?

Here’s my top 25 in alphabetical order

Champ Class
Anubis Mystic
Apocalypse Cosmic
Ares Mystic
Ba’al Mystic
Banshee Mutant
Bullseye Skill
Commando Tech
Corsair Mutant
Forge Mutant
Hammerhead Skill
Garrison Kane Tech
Jessica Jones Science
Kraven the Hunter Skill
Lizard Science
Lucifer Mystic
Mimic Science
Mystique Mutant
Obliterator Cosmic
Professor X Mutant
Pyro Mutant
Sebastian Shaw Mutant
Sphinx Mystic
Steel Wind Tech
Union Jack Science

So who would you like to see in the game in 2020 and beyond?


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