How To Improve Titles & Help the Casuals

So there I was, on my Xbox playing Destiny 2(FPS, Looter Shooter), chasing a title in the game. The titles in Destiny 2 have some similarities to the MCOC titles in terms of, "complete this activity & you get a thing". Now when you do, in Destiny, you get a title that says, "I put time into this specific/difficult content & was rewarded multiple times while grinding this thing". Its bragging rights, but it also MEEEEANS something. Throughout that title grind you got, cool weapons/armor, more materials, and got plenty stronger in terms of power. The titles that could ever mean something in MCOC, imo of course, are the Act 4 & up quests, as they can be a pain while the event quest are more of a breeze.

I propose we revamp the title system to where you'd have to complete at least 10-20 objectives, with specific or any champion/class to get that title. Each objective would have rewards tied to it and getting the title completed would have biggest pay out. Also, these titles aren't a timed event at all, its something you can do on your own time so they'll always be there when you come back. The easier the titles, the more objectives you have. The harder title, the less objectives. But that doesn't mean you get less rewards for more difficult content, it just means you get higher tier rewards in the same or greater quantity.

For example, a Sinister Six title. You can call it whatever you come up with, "The Spiders Nightmare" or "Bane of Spiders", idk. Completing the title would consist of using the following champs
-Doc Oc
-Green Goblin

The Title objectives could be anything. Since this Title is related to having Sinister Six characters, and using them, it doesn't have to be that difficult, but it should still be a fun chase. Examples could be..
-Unlock all members of the Sinster Six(you wont be locked from the title even if you're missing a member)
-Get 25 Versus wins with each member of the Sinister Six.
-Get 5 AW Defeats & 2 AW boss kills with an offensive team comprised of Sinister Six champions.
-Complete either of these activities with a team comprised of Sinister Six champions.. AQ, AW(Offense or Defense)/Story Chapter, Act/Event Quest/Dungeon
-Defeat Spider-Verse champs ONLY with Sinister Six champs. BONUS progress while having the following debuffs active: Shock, Power Drain, Incinerate, Power Lock, Heal Block, or Poison.

Just a few ideas there. The rewards could be Black ISO, Catalysts of any Class, Heal Potions, Energy Refills, &/or Units. I also thought of something that could be bold, I strongly believe this should be a reward. For completing the title one of the rewards is a 4* Crystal that only consist of Sinister Six champs, a guarantee to duplicate one of your already Sinister Six champs along with whatever other rewards you get and your fancy title. You can make other titles that relate to just the X-Men or the X-Force. Introduce Quicksilver & Mystique, have them related to a title that represents the Brotherhood of Mutants with Magneto, Juggernaut, Scarlet Witch, & Sabertooth included as well. Have titles that related to only a class or even an activity. There's so many ideas

Now some titles can be tied to a specific timed event but those timed titles have to be at the same time, easy access, but still grindy enough to make you not seem like it was too easy, with objectives and rewards that relate to the event itself.

**EXTRA** You're probably wondering, what if a Fantastic Four title is made and you have bad RNG to where you just don't have these characters(Mr.Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, The Thing, Doctor Doom, & Silver Surfer). Yes you might have a 3* version of one of these characters but it may not be strong enough to complete one of the objectives, but you just CAN'T get a 4*. You could also be too busy in your real life that you don't have the time to grind for the crystal shards to even get a chance at getting more champs in general. Here's the solution, & yes, this is for the casual players. You can introduce Adam Warlock into the game who comes every 2 weeks or once a month and he has a new unique never before seen activity with the same difficulties, a new currency, & new rewards added as well. Adam Warlock will also have his own store that has an exotic-esque feel to them. In Adams store, he has one random champion from each class AND a NEW & unique 4* & 5* Crystals for sale. The Currency to purchase these the random champions would be new currency in the new event centered around Adam Warlock and to buy the NEW 4* & 5* Crystals you use real money for that. Now what makes these 4* & 5* Crystals "NEW" is that it just doesn't give you a random champion, it GUARANTEES you a champion you don't already have. BOOM, so the casuals won't complain about not having a certain champion, they're guaranteed to get whatever champ they desire at some point buy buying the new crystal.

So much potential to make people stay and play the game much longer and invest time aaaaand, money. Hope the people who can make the decision to implement something like this into game see's this. I really believe this would help not only our experience but you guy's enjoyment of seeing us love your game. It would also help your wallets too. Happy Holidays Summoners.
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