Possible Spider Man and Moon Knight Bugs

I play the German version of the game and there has been a bug in Spider-Man's (classic) signature ability despriction since the inclusion of sig abilities, it says: "Spider-Man wird 1% schwerer zu fangen" and I'm totally fine with the translation but the chance always stays at 1% which is kind of annoying...

The other thing I noticed is that sometimes it is impossible to chain a 5-hit combo into a special with moon knight, somehow the ai blocks the special right away, it just seems like he's not fast enough


  • SlyCat42SlyCat42 Posts: 500 ★★
    It's not just you or just those characters. Both those bugs have been cataloged, on video, and Kabam has said they are looking into them.

    The spiderman bug is a visual error on the character sheet, the issue with specials not hitting is a game wide problem that seems to affect different champions in different ways.
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