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Well, this is sort of a question that would need suppprt to answer I think...

Anyway, my problem is, I ran the “Easy” path about a year ago in LOL with SL, since then, I have had no intention to finish it until I duped my Aegon (at the time I did my run, Aegon wasn’t even a champ on the horizon either, it was at a time when it would of needed much more effort... which is why I left it)

Anyway, I know there are a couple maps with a different easy path, and yes my problem is... I have no idea the path I did 😂

Would it be possible to be shown the one I ran, or I mean could we even get rid of the lock considering the new one is nearly here!?

Now I’ve got my AG I used it on Aegon and took him straight to r5, sig 200 and want to bash it out... but I would rather see what path I have already done to stop me having to do extra runs to compensate a missed section lol.


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    If you’ve only done one run you should be able to tell if you went into Colossus or around the outside; the path will have a solid white line. Other than that you’ll have to take the outside at least twice for any iteration of the easy path so you can’t really waste your time going back in to figure it out. And Colossus is also typically done multiple times iirc so you can’t really mess it up.

    You can always write support to have them help but I assume that could be confusing to say the least.

    Get back on the saddle cowboy!
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    Send support a ticket. They helped me out once in 5.4 when I couldn't find out which path was left
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    If you really did take the easy path the easy path is all of the outside of the square look up a map online and see the other paths
  • DarkestDestroyerDarkestDestroyer Posts: 2,586 ★★★★
    Hendross said:

    This is a missed opportunity to sell the camera unlock mastery. >:)

    I would give them 100 units for that 😂
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