Is this the end? (Variant 4 prayer)

1* Hulk.

Right now we all know with the numerous forum posts that Variant 4 is undoable 100% without a 1* hulk for the caustic temper node.

If you are here to comment, "LOL You ShouLnD't HaVe SoLd ChamPion!" please leave, I'm not here to justify anything. Don't waste your time.

Other than selling my soul to the 50 unit crystals, will there be a new way to get this champion in the future is my question.
You want money right? Just sell this one champion for like 3k units or something, because I've spent much more in the store hunting for just him. End my misery Kabam, please! :cry:

I've made a post about this in the past and also commented on other posts related to this, there is quite a big group of people asking about this issue. Respectfully, Kabam, I really wish you'd respond to at least one!
Thank you,
a desperate summoner who just wants to 100% variant 4


  • AJXRXAJXRX Posts: 80
    I would also like to throw out a suggestion to make this less of a problem:

    Right now the problematic node is caustic temper, and that node has only one solution. But! If there is a change in numbers in that node I believe it could possible balance things out a bit. Reducing the damage cap from 90% down to 40 or 50 would be really beneficial as more champions can then become useful. Maybe even bleed champs like Wolverine or Gamora would be able to burst down a bit easier before inevitably dying from the poison.

    Or straight up changing that one node to even aspect of war or completely inverted control to challenge our skill, that would be a much better challenge than having us gamble our units away for the 1* hulk. _/|\_
    would realllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy appreciate a response please! :cry:
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