Black widow glitch?


This has happened to me 4 times now when fighting with black widow in war. Ill go into the fight. The node doesnt matter cause its happened on others. But when im gonna knock out the oppenent with a special 2 the game will freeze on the last kick of her sp2 and boot me off. Im not sure if this is a known issue or something anybody else is experiencing?


  • Old end phones don't support BW too well ... Is that your case?
    I ask this because my phone doesn't support her as a character, and makes my game to crash. Maybe the amount of people with this error is increasing
  • Its something that only recently started happening
  • This isn't something I've seen come up. Can you please let us know what device and OS you're using when you see this issue? Does this happen in any other game mode with Black Widow?
  • My device is an LG g stylo 2 plus, model number LGMS550 running android 7.0
    The issue has only been happening in war @Kabam Miike
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